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Discussion Post Four

Every week I'll be making a post for discussion to help the writers and artists out along the way. If you have any suggestions for discussion topics, leave a comment here.

This week's discussion will focus on Harry. Anyone - writer, artist, watcher, someone just passing through - may contribute to the discussion!

Some guiding questions:

How do you think Harry will emotionally and mentally handle the quest for the Horcruxes? How will having Ron and Hermione along on the hunt effect his decision making? In HBP, he noticed several times interactions between Ron and Hermione that seemed more-than-friendly. Will he do anything to nudge his friends along in the right direction?

Again, these are just some guiding questions. Please feel free to discuss anything about Harry with one another in the comments.

Artists, feel free to link to sketches of Hermione and/or Ron that pertain to him in HBP and post-HBP that you've produced after thinking about these guiding questions.

Don't forget to visit previous discussions and add your two Knuts there yet!

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*If you are willing to be a writing or art beta, leave a comment here.
*Have a writing or art resource site to link us to? Comment with your link and name of the site here!
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