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ADMIN: Clearing up a few things

Hello All!

As stated in the challenge rules, the due date for rough drafts is looming. Rough drafts are due by 16 January and completed, finalised drafts are due by 12 February.

All drafts must be emailed to sugarandginger AT gmail DOT com. All fics must be submitted as Word documents. If your fic has formatting (bold, italics, etc), please include the HTML tags in your file. Also, be sure to turn off Smart Quotes. How do you do that? Go to Tools Menu -> Auto Correct -> click on 'Auto Format as You Type' tab -> Find the section that reads 'replace as you type' and remove the check/X in the 'straight quotes with smart quotes' box.

If you think you may be a bit late with your daft, let me know and when I can expect it.

When you send in your daft, please clarify via the body of your email which chapters (no more than 6) that you would like to see illustrated, if possible.

If there are any questions or concerns from anyone involved in the challenge in any capacity, please don't hesitate to ask me here!
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