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The Challenge: To write the ultimate 7th year Ron/Hermione fic. Harry's quest is nearing an end, but along the way his best friends discover a new beginning with one another. Over the past six years we have seen them bicker and balk, but they have been unable to deny their growing attraction to one another. Before Harry completes the prophecy and the story ends, Ron and Hermione must truly confront their feelings and decide whether it is better to play it safe and remain friends or risk everything for a more intimate relationship.

sugarandginger is an information source community for artists and writers who will participate in this challenge. While anyone is welcome to friend the community, membership will be limited to challenge moderators and artists. The results of the challenge will be posted on a web site (location TBA) on March 1, 2006. No art or fic will be posted to this community. However, at various times announcements and polls will be made.

Challenge rules and information can be found HERE, while banners and icons can be found HERE.

If there are any questions or concerns, you may contact tarie at: tarie AT livejournal DOT com

Many thanks to bookshop, lunacy, and shaggirl for creating the successful and brilliant big_bang_hd, and also for giving me their blessings to borrow their idea for the Ron/Hermione ship.